Welcome to the 21 Day Reset

The 21-day reset gives your body the essential micronutrients you need from whole food sources to aid in healing, repairing, and rejuvenating your body!

What makes this plan unique? This strict 21-day plan is intended to segue you into a lifestyle plan! 

Our 21-day reset is the perfect kickstart to anyone needing to make a drastic lifestyle change to promote healing!



“I would highly recommend David Kampfe and Dynamic Fitness!  David provides amazing workouts and detailed food plans to meet your goals. I lost 14 lbs. on his detox food plan.  Love it!


After doing the 77 Days to Fit Challenge a year and a half ago and losing 21 lbs., I felt I needed another push. The 21-day reset put me back on track, made me refocus my nutrition, took away my bloat, and made me feel fantastic! My cravings went away, and I was able to resume my normal eating lifestyle after the 21 days. Losing 4 pounds wasn’t too bad either.”


“Dynamic fitness has been an absolute game changer! I started with the 21-day reset and it is exactly what my body needed. I was able to clean my gut and reintroduce myself to workouts post-baby that actually yielded results. I could tell a difference in my metabolism, energy level, and body. 10/10 recommend!”

The 21 Day Reset will help to:

This 21-day reset will help to:⠀

  • reduce and eliminate digestive inflammation⠀
  • improve cognitive function⠀
  • boost immune the system⠀
  • improve cellular health ⠀
  • create the overall feeling of well-being⠀
  • kickstart your metabolism
  • facilitate fat loss
  • improve insulin sensitivity


Includes a food guide, nutrition guide, supplement protocol and shopping list.

Home & Gym Workout

Includes a home and gym workout plan to ensure to encourage fat loss, enhance metabolic capacity and promote insulin sensitivity.

Easy to Follow Plan

This 3 phase plan gives you step by step instructions on what to eat each day to detoxify you gut, replace essential nutrients and facilitate a healthy metabolism.

Recipes Included

This plan utilizes delicious detoxification smoothies from whole food sources to encourage a healthy gut microbiome. 

The Gut-Brain Connection

Our gut is home of the enteric nervous system and this helps the body secrete digestive enzymes and juices. These nerve cells are the direct connection of the brain to the gut and this system is easily influenced by stress and inflammation if there is an issue. This is why there is a direct link between gut and brain health. When your gut microbiome is not healthy, it can influence many factors associated with wellbeing. 

This program can help resolve issues such as:

  • Bloating
  • Food sensitivities
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Skin issues like rosacea and acne
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight gain

What exactly is the role of our gut bacteria? 

Roles of gut bacteria include:

  • Helping to produce hormones such as serotonin
  • Aiding in the extraction of energy (calories) and nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Managing our appetite and body weight
  • Digesting fiber which helps form stool
  • Controlling our moods, motivation and cognitive health
  • Preventing us from catching colds and viruses
  • Helping repair damaged tissues and injuries

Jumpstart your metabolism and restore your gut health today!

Click below to begin your 21 day journey to health and wellbeing.





“I had originally reached out to David with Dynamic Fitness regarding my gut health. My constant bloating, upset stomach, loss of appetite, lack thereof of bowel movements. I had no energy to complete a low intensity workout. David recommended the 21-Day Reset. Within a few days, I noticed a spike in my energy levels and my inflammation had significantly decreased. The second week I was able to finally have normal bowel movements every day instead of once a week!! My skin, in general, cleared up within a couple weeks. I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have done for myself! And I will continue to recommend and follow this program myself.”


“I never realized how a diet really plays a large part in the overall picture of my fitness journey until I started the 21-day Reset Plan.  With this plan I didn’t feel sluggish, inflamed nor did I crave sweets. It helped me lean out.  It takes 21 days to form a habit; and this plan will get you in the habit of feeling great and looking good!”


"The 21 day reset was everything I needed to break through the plateau I was experiencing at the time! I lost 10lbs, gained energy, my metabolism increased and I started to see incredible changes in my body! If you're looking for something to reset your gut health and workouts to deliver results this program is perfectly designed and a complete game changer, I highly recommend it!"


“When I started the detox, within the first week I noticed a major difference in my digestion, decreased inflammation, clean energy, focus, clearer & brighter skin. I felt it was giving me all the nutrients my body needed and it was able to reset my digestive track and boost my immune system. I was very satisfied with how I felt and looked once I finished. I noticed even my athletic performance became significantly better than it has been in YEARS! This is something that has changed my perspective on the value of health and the importance of getting the proper nutrients for your body. I recommend this to anyone.”


"TWENTY ONE DAYS down and I’m not stopping here! After having my son 8 months ago, there was no doubt in my mind that DynamicFitness was able to get me back to my pre-baby body. I have worked with DF for the last 4+ years, and there’s a reason why I only trust DynamicFitness with my health and fitness goals. After completing the 21 day reset I lost 11lbs, reduced inflammation, regulated and cleaned my gut, and most importantly- got my confidence back! This isn’t just a fad diet, this is a stepping stone to a lifestyle change. The best thing I’ve ever done for myself, health and my confidence was join the DF team!  The proof is all in the results!"  


“One word…AWESOME! I’ve experienced a number of positive results from the 21-day detox, including better sleep, more energy, improved digestion, and weight loss. My experience with the detox was enlightening and life changing. I highly recommend it!”


"After purchasing the pregnancy program and miscarrying soon after, I took it as my sign that my health needed an overhaul. I needed a big lifestyle change. I had a poor diet, and I never exercised anymore. The 21 Day Reset Program was strict and intense and EVERYTHING I needed. I learned to feed my body things it desperately needed, to look at food as fuel, and not a treat every single meal. I learned self discipline, and to treat my body with the respect it needed. I lost 7 POUNDS, a lot of bad habits, and excuses. I GAINED confidence, respect for myself and a newfound love for actual health. The program was strict, but was so easy to follow. The workouts were challenging in the best way. The weekly check-ins kept me motivated and accountable. I’m feeling better than ever and I can’t wait to continue my journey with Dynamic Fitness!”


“I absolutely loved the 21-day reset from Dynamic Fitness. It completely reset my metabolism after having my first baby. I loved that the workouts helped me get stronger and more toned. If you’re looking for a starting point on your fitness journey, I highly recommend starting off with the 21-day reset!"