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If it's a home workout plan from Dynamic Fitness, you know its going to be good.  Can't make it to the gym?  Whether you're quarantined from the gym because of a pandemic or just feeling the need to retreat to the safety and security of your own place, this workout will keep you looking and feeling like you've been hitting the gym every day. 

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8 Dos and Don'ts During the Coronavirus


(This goes unspoken: "Wash your hands!")


1.) Don't panic!

Panicking can cause a dramatic spike in your stress hormone, cortisol. When your cortisol is constantly elevated this weakens your immune system. Instead meditate and practice positive self talk.


2.) Eat organic!

Organic meats, fruits and vegetables are your friends. They contain a ton of micro-nutrients that your body needs to maintain a healthy immune system.


3.) Avoid processed foods and preservatives.

Snack foods like chips, cookies, crackers, candy and ice cream may be very tempting to eat while you’re lounging around the house more than usual, but they will have a negative effect on your physique and your immune system. Processed foods and preservatives tax your digestive system and that has a direct effect on your immune system. Help your body out and eliminate these foods!


4.) Drink lots of water and warm tea.

Staying hydrated is important to flush toxins. In severe cases, the Coronavirus damages the lungs, drinking water and warm tea will help flush the virus from your mouth into your digestive track where it will be neutralized and killed by acids in the stomach, rather than breathed into your lungs.


5.) Exercise!

Exercising is key for building your immune system and sweating is the best way to flush toxins. If you can exercise outside, go outside and get some Vitamin D3 from the sun. This will also help boost your immune system. Since the Coronavirus has a dramatic effect on the lungs, it's important to get fresh air regularly.


6.) Homeopathic prevention

Include things such like amino acids such as NAcetyl Cartinine (NAC) or herbs such as elderberry, echinacea, chlorella and spirulina. Increasing your vitamin intake such as vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin A and D3 can also help.


7.) Get quality sleep!

Work and school cycles are thrown off, so don’t lose your routine! You may have to find a new routine, but make sure you lock one in that allows for you to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Wear blue light blockers at night so that your brain maintains a natural production of melatonin.


8.) Deepen your connection with yourself and your family.

Read a self help book, spend time with family, use this time to plan how you're going to use this setback to make a comeback!