Welcome to the Dynamic Fitness Holistic Pregnancy Program

This program gives you the blueprint to maintain your health throughout the duration of your pregnancy, in addition to aiding in recovery postpartum.


Nutritional Guidance

Learn what to eat, how much to eat and why! Includes trimester specific guides on healthy foods to include in your diet along with a shopping list. 

Home & Gym Training Plans

Easy-to-follow workouts organized by easy, intermediate and advanced levels. As your energy levels fluctuate, you can choose the most appropriate workout level for that day.

Holistic Remedies

Natural remedies to address common pregnancy symptoms such as stretch marks, nausea, constipation, swelling, acid reflux and food cravings and much more!

Postpartum Preparation

Plan ahead for baby's arrival. Learn how to avoid and manage postpartum depression, downloadable questionnaire for you and your significant other to prepare and discuss role expectations.

Gain all the tools you need for a healthy pregnancy!

Included are trimester specific training guides, trimester specific nutrition guides, holistic remedies, postpartum preparation, women's health education, videos, printable guides and a shopping list.

What sets this program apart?

Our Women's Health Section!

This program includes educational resources to aid in the prevention and treatment of diastasis recti and pelvic floor strengthing. Incontinence is NOT NORMAL and you should not have to suffer with these symptoms. Specific exercises can be utilized during pregnancy and postpartum to address these common pregnancy conditions and are included in your training guide.

Purchase the Pregnancy Program TODAY!

You can begin this program at any point during your pregnancy in addition to utilizing it to heal and recover postpartum.



"I am six months pregnant with my first baby and feeling better than I could have imagined! I’ve stayed active these whole six months, while being diligent and listening to my body. The Dynamic Fitness Pregnancy Program has provided me with a pregnancy safe training program (at-home and gym, with varied levels), nutritional program, along with an educational program on pregnancy.

I’ve worked with Dynamic Fitness throughout the last five years during the very different stages of my fitness journey along with heath issues. Now, I am so thankful to continue a new fitness journey with them during my pregnancy.

During the last six months, I have put on a healthy 6 pounds with my starting weight at 139.6 and weighing in this week at 145. My doctors at UF Health have even complimented my health, abdominal strength, and pelvic floor strength during my pregnancy.

I have really enjoyed these six months (some days are better than others) and am so excited (very anxious as well) to continue this active pregnancy journey with Dynamic Fitness’ Pregnancy Program.

If you’re pregnant and looking for an all-in-one program to help you stay active and healthy throughout your pregnancy, check out their Pregnancy Program."


“As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I wanted to provide women with a program that encompasses everything they need on their pregnancy journey. This program is backed by research and years of clinical experience to ensure you are choosing your nutrition wisely, working out safely and utilizing healing remedies to address common discomforts.

This program includes everything you need to address your physical health including nutrition, training and pelvic floor health. This program also addresses your mental health by educating you about the common occurrence of postpartum depression while giving your tools to prepare and manage it.

By following this program, I gave birth to a happy health baby girl without any complications and I look forward to utilizing it again for future babies.”