Private Coaching | 12 Week Custom Competition Prep

There’s a reason why Dynamic Fitness has become such a strong team at the regional, state and national levels, the results of our competitors
speak for themselves!
One of the key reasons why David has had so much success with not only competing on stage himself, but with coaching others is because of his
vast knowledge and experience. Science-based training methods with PROVEN results, along with a customized diet plan based on your physique and goals
(focusing on your HEALTH first) is what makes this plan stand apart from the rest! We tailor all competitors programs differently because no two
athletes are the same. Prior to beginning this program, David offers a free phone consultation to help clarify your goals and choose the right
competition for you. We work with clients from around the world, meaning you don’t need to be local to look your absolute best on stage! David personally
attends to your progress throughout the 8 or 12-Week program via email and phone updates, or by in-person appointments for local residents at his
training facility. Whether you are looking to do a show for the first time or are already an experienced competitor, we can help give you the winning edge
in your next show!
The Private Coaching plans give you a one-on-one coaching experience, meaning that throughout the
entire process of your prep, David is there to assist you and make necessary adjustments to assure
the best version of yourself is being attained!


The 12- Week Custom Competition Prep Includes:
• Team Dynamic Fitness Welcome Gift
• 12 Full Weeks to Prep For Your Big Day
• Gym Required
• Customized Nutrition Plan
• Customized Training Plan, Including Cardio
• Customized Supplementation and Hydration Protocol
• Ongoing Physique Assessments To Ensure Proper Progress
• Ongoing Training and Nutrition Updates (subject to change per weekly check-ins)
• Individualized Posing and Presentation Coaching (via Skype or in-person for locals)
• Customized Peak Week Plan
• Weekly Email and Phone Call Check-Ins and Updates
• Pre-Contest Check-Ins and Day of Show Support
• Exercise Movement Tutorials Included
• Stretching and Recovery Guide
• Exclusive Discounts & Referral Incentives
• Dynamic Fitness Swag For Your Big Day


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